Corinthian Yacht Club's Commitment

  • Take the pledge and become a Green Boater here.
  • Create awareness, understanding, and a commitment to action among our members
  • Replace plastic bags with paper for retail merchandise purchases in the Ship's Store
  • Install a refillable chilled-water bottle station to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles
  • Replace plastic swizzle/skewer sticks at our two bars with bamboo ones
  • Replace plastic flatware (folks, knives, spoons), swizzle sticks, and straws everywhere with biodegradable options
  • Establish a sustainability committee to build on these initial steps and continue to look for other ways to be environmentally responsible

Personal responsibility

The Corinthian has approximately 500 members, or about 1,000 couples. If two members of each family told three people about this problem and encouraged them to do his/her part in solving it, we would reach 3,000 people. We invite members to join us in getting the word out, and in doing their part as individuals to help turn the tide on plastic:

  • Take the Green Boater pledge personally here 
  • Tell your family and friends about the problem and what they can do to help solve it
  • Choose products with little or no plastic packaging
  • Avoid buying drinks in a single-use plastic or Styrofoam cups
  • Use a refillable water bottle
  • Just say no to plastic straws and swizzle sticks
  • Remember to bring and use your reusable canvas bags

This Message is an excerpt from:
Turn The Tide On Plastics: Remarks To The Marblehead Chamber Of Commerce’S “Greening Your Business” Evening
In Collaboration With Sustainable Marblehead, By Corinthian Yacht Club Past Commodore Robert L. Howie, Jr.

Interview with Dee Cafarri