Junior FAQ's

Due to the large number of junior sailors enrolled in our many offerings, we ask that you drop off and pick up your children in a prompt manner. The staff will not be available to chaperone either before or after class time due to the high volume of traffic in the classroom and on the water. As a rule, please do not drop off students any earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of your childís class as this time is devoted to necessary lesson planning and preparations.

In order to coordinate chalk talks, rigging, demos, class time, de-rigging, and de-briefing in the limited space that the program occupies, we ask that your child is considerate of the kids in the other classes. Also, we ask that you make every attempt not to leave your children unsupervised for any significant time when they are out of class either in the vicinity of the Junior Sailing Room or on the waterfront dock facilities as this may distract from the learning of their fellow junior sailors.

If your child is going to be arriving on his/her own, please make sure to convey that timeliness is expected. You will need to contact the Director of Sailing, Noah Pasackow, if your child will be departing on his/her own. This is still the case if students are continuing on to other CYC lessons or functions. This ensures the safety of your child, as we cannot supervise your child after the end of their class.

Sailing involves preparation even at this young age. Every junior must have a U.S. Coast Guard approved Type III lifejacket. Other essential items include proper footwear (not flip flops!), sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, towel, a dry change of clothes, and a bag to stow all of these items. Please keep in mind that things are often misplaced and even though we have a Lost & Found, you may want to consider labeling all belongings!

Classes are held rain or shine. On non-sunny days, we will plan on sailing provided that wind and weather conditions are safe. In the occurrence of thunder/lightning or other severe weather, classes will be conducted indoors. Please make sure your child has proper rain gear to keep him/her warm and dry.


On the first day of classes, all sailors will be required to take a swim test in the harbor. This is an essential safety measure that every member of the Corinthian Junior Sailing Program must complete in order to participate. One purpose of the swim test is to provide the instructors with a sense of how comfortable your child is in the ocean water. The swim test will also allow students to experience conditions that they might encounter should they capsize during lessons. These conditions can include cold-water temperatures and possible waves from boat traffic or weather conditions. Students will be required to swim 50 yards and tread water for approximately one minute in the area behind the CYC waterfront docks. In addition, students will be required to put their lifejackets on in the water. To ensure safety, all instructors will be present on the floats during this time. An instructor will enter the water to aid students if deemed necessary.

Often the anticipation is the most difficult aspect of the swim test, so please reassure your child that he/she will be safe!

Also, please make sure that your child brings a lifejacket, bathing suit, towel, and change of clothes on the first day.

The sessions are short and will go by very quickly so we recommend that absences be kept to a minimum in order to allow the class to progress together. However, if you know in advance that your child will be missing class please notify the Sailing Director ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly. If your child is going to miss more than one consecutive class especially at the beginning of a session, you may want to consider private lessons.

If a student misses several classes or simply wants an opportunity for additional learning, private lessons are offered weekday evenings and mornings on Fridays. All private lessons are done by appointment on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Appointments can be made by phone at (781) 631-0005 ext. 220 or via email at jrsailing@corinthianyc.org. Please review the Private Lesson Tab under the Classes Tab.

Sailor evaluations will be filled out by the sailorís instructors and sent home at the end of each session. In order to foster the independence of the students we have found that visible parents often deter from the learning process. Therefore, we ask that parents be respectful of the staff and other children in the class and not be on the docks or in the classroom.