Rules & Regulations

Dress Code

Prior to 6 pm, casual attire (as defined below) is acceptable throughout the clubhouse and on the porch seven days a week. After 6 pm, yacht club casual attire (as defined below) is required throughout the clubhouse and on the porch seven days a week. All events that require formal or cocktail attire (as defined below) will be noted in the invitation and notice for the event.

The wearing of hats by men is not permitted in the clubhouse at any time. Below are the definitions of attire categories in descending order of formality.

  • Formal is defined as black tie. Typical events include Commodore's Ball.
  • Cocktail may be defined as jacket and tie required, or jacket optional for men with corresponding appropriate attire for women. Typical events include Opening and Closing Nights, Guest Chef Nights, etc.
  • Yacht club casual is defined as collared shirts, khakis, skirts or slacks, resort shoes, and formal jeans (defined as jeans that are not ripped, frayed, patched or otherwise distressed). Tennis whites are acceptable.
  • Casual is defined as boating and sailing attire, men's swim shorts, and neat t-shirts. Women's swim attire is not allowed unless an appropriate cover-up is worn, and the cover-up must be of an appropriate length and not made of see-through or mesh material.

Alcohol Policies